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Rhinestone Sample Card

Rhinestone Sample Card

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Non Hotfix Flatback rhinestones are perfect for embellishment of costumes. This sample card is ideal to have on hand for your reference as well as to show your customers the available colour range when designing your creations. 

There are 4 types of sample cards available: 

1. Old glass rhinestones without size chart (this colour chart is missing a couple of our new stone colours)

2. New glass rhinestones with size chart (this colour chart includes the full collection of colours we have for sale)

3. Pearls with size chart 

4. Resin and Jelly rhinestones with size chart 


Options which features a rhinestone size chart (measured in SS for glass and mm for pearls and resin) may be helpful for those who need help deciding the best size rhinestones for your project. 

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