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Dazzle Me Dancewear

Plywood Dazzle Sleeve Boards

Plywood Dazzle Sleeve Boards

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Dazzle sleeve boards are an ideal aid for applying rhinestones to costumes' sleeves and gloves. They are especially effective for flat pieces before they are sewn, whether that be a regular sleeve/glove or one with a finger point.

Our Dazzle Boards are constructed from 6mm Plywood and are Australian Made.

The boards have been printed on one side and the ink does not rub off. 



Small: Approximately suitable for 6-8yrs, 8-10yrs and 10-12yrs costumes

Large: Approximately suitable for 10-12yrs, 12-15yrs and Adult Small costumes


Please note: Dazzle boards are only available to be shipped domestically, within Australia


Seconds: Plywood Dazzle Boards sold as seconds may contain a slight printing mistake or minor chip on the sides. Though these elements may diminish the aesthetics of the product, they do not impact its performance.

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